If you want to live permanently or temporarily on the island of Ibiza, you will first have to run a marathon with the authorities, as various registrations have to be made ...

First you need a NIE number or a Residencia.

The residence has to be changed and your children have to be registered at school. Electricity, water, telephone/Internet must also be registered or re-registered. Furthermore your driving licence has to be rewritten and possibly insurance is necessary.

Furthermore, your car, motorcycle, boat or vintage car must be re-registered. Your car should be safely parked in your absence but should also be ready for you at the airport in time for your return to the island.

Your vehicle has to go to the local MOT and/or you are looking for a garage ... ? Your car is not from the EU ! You have to declare it and for the registration you need special homologation papers !

You are also looking for someone to take care of your house and garden during your absence (cleaning, maintenance) so that you can fully enjoy your stay when you arrive in Ibiza.

This list can go on and on, and often there are language problems as well. But even as a long-time "island resident" you will need some professional help from time to time.


I have been living and working on the island for 22 years now, have been self-employed for 10 years and can make your "island life" much easier and even more pleasant with all the formalities of the authorities and property management.

The personal conversation and a continuous exchange of information are a matter of course for me and a prerequisite for your satisfaction.

For special tax and legal questions I have been working together with renowned tax consultants and lawyers for many years. For official translations I am also in close contact with officially approved translators. I am also networked with established architects, building contractors, craftsmen and workshops.


Please call me at Tel. 0034 / 629 372 304

or write me a short note ...

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If you cannot to the island at the moment

I'm her for you right now ! Call me ...

Tel. 0034 / 629 372 304

or write to me at: andrea.l.ibiza@gmail.com


Official formalities

* N.I.E. number

* Residencia

* Registration

* Residence registration

* Change of driving licence

* Identity card


* Telephone fixed network / mobile

* Internet

* SAT technique

Car & Boats

* Approval / re-registration / deregistration

* Import / Export

* MOT dates

* Vintage car registration

Real Estate

* Administration

* Holidays / long term rental

* Purchase & sale on request